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The 5th IWGoRS workshop will be held at the Teacher's Hostel, Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan, from September 22-26, 2019. Institute of Earth Sciences, Academia Sinica (IES) will be the local host. The workshop will cover on all aspects of rotational seismology including (but not limited to):

  • instrumentation (portable sensors, ring lasers, tilt correction, etc)

  • observation of rotations (application domains, best practices)

  • array seismology (gradients, strains, rotations)

  • data processing, wavefield interpolation, phase separation

  • earthquake physics

  • volcano seismology

  • ocean-bottom observations

  • earthquake engineering

  • seismic inverse problems

With the advance of portable rotation sensor, we expect more rotation observations will be shown in the workshop. Interested researchers are welcome to join us!

Note that before this IWGoRS workshop, there will be a conference, the International Conference in Commemoration of 20th Anniversary of the 1999 Mw7.6 Chi-Chi Earthquake, to be held on September 15-19, Taipei, Taiwan. Please find more information on this link

Important Dates

  • First Announcement: 2018/10/28

  • Registration webpage open: 2019/2/15

  • Deadline for Abstract Submission: 2019/5/31

  • Notify Authors of Accepted Abstracts: 2019/6/15

      Registration Payment:

  • Open: 2019/7/1

  • Early bird: 2019/7/15

  • Final: 2019/8/15

International Scientific Committee

  • Bor-Shouh Huang (IES Academia Sinica, Taiwan), Array methods

  • Ullrich Schreiber (TUM, Germany), ring laser technology

  • Frank Vernon (IGPP, La Jolla, USA), array methods

  • Johana Brokesova (Charles University Prague, Czech Republic), instrumentation, applications

  • Johan Robertsson (ETH Zurich, Switzerland), exploration applications

  • Zbig Zembaty (Opole University, Poland) Earthquake engineering

  • Vladimir Graizer (U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission) Strong motion

Invited Speaker

  • Norimitsu Nakata (MIT EAPS, USA)

  • Philippe Gueguen (ISTerre, France)

  • Toshiro Tanimoto(UC Santa Barbara, USA)

  • Jianghui Geng (Wuhan University, China)

  • Cedric Schmelzbach (ETH Zurich, Switzerland)

  • Heiner Igel (LMU, Germany)

  • Ulrich Schreiber (TUM, Germany)

Host & Sponsor

  • Institute of Earth Sciences, Academia Sinica (中央研究院地球科學研究所)

  • Taiwan Earthquake Research Center (台灣地震科學中心)

  • Chinese Taipei Geophysical Society (中華民國地球物理學會)

  • Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan (科技部)

  • iXblue (a leading global provider of innovative solutions and services for navigation, positioning, and imaging)

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Bor-Shouh Huang


    Tel: +886-2-2783-9910, ext. 1323


Chin-Jen Lin


    Tel: +886-2-2783-9910, ext. 2806


Wen-Tzong, Liang


    Tel: +886-2-2783-9910, ext. 1522


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