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便攜式地震計 ( Digital seismometer )


Smart solo-1.png
Smart solo-2.png

Smartsolo is a 3-channel seismic sensor device that has a better performance compared with the single 1-channel IGU-16 version. This 3C seismic detector is widely used in active source seismic exploration, long-term natural micro-motion observation, transient surface wave survey, earthquake monitoring, and more. ( click more... )

Meridian compact ph.png

Introduced in 2009, the Trillium Compact’s small size and portability revolutionized broadband fieldwork. The Meridian Compact PH takes broadband to an entirely new level, by marrying the sensor to the digitizer and recorder. This next-generation seismograph is a marvel of miniaturization, with no compromise in performance. ( click more... )

RT125A-03 Recorder & 4.5Hz Geophone  (obsolete)



4.5Hz GEOPHONE.png


The RT125A, or texan, is a compact single channel datalogger with a self contained power supply (two D-cell batteries). Its primary application is for active source experiments. ( figure-1 )

These single component geophones are available as vertical units for use with the Texan digitizer and a as vertical 6-channel strings for use with the multi-channel digitizer systems. The multi-channel strings are rarely used. This single channel vertical geophone has a frequency of 4.5Hz, damping of .707 critical and a sensitivity of 100 V/m/s. The primary use of these geophones is for active source experiments. ( figure-2 )


The Guralp Systems CMG-3ESP range of seismometers are triaxial, force-feedback instruments with a large dynamic range suitable for rapid deployment. The instruments can be supplied with built in digitisers, acquisition modules and ac range of storage and communications options. ( click more... )

CMG 6TD.png
CMG 6TD-1.png

The Güralp CMG-6TD is an ultra-lightweight three-component digital seismometer ideally suited for rapid installation in medium-noise sites. ( click more ... )

CMG 5TD.png

The Güralp Systems CMG-5TD is a fully digital triaxial force feedback accelerometer with a large dynamic range, suitable for seismology, hazard mitigation and civil engineering applications. It combines the well-regarded CMG-5T strong motion instrument with an integrated. ( click more ... )

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