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地震儀 ( Seismometer )



Without a robust and reliable sensor, the best data recorder is useless. Therefore, DiGOS has a passive 4.5 Hz 3-component-geophone in its standard portfolio. The rugged housing is equipped with a 3 m cable and detachable spikes. The installed coils do not require any power, which makes them ideal to use with the extremely energy-saving DATA-CUBE3.Since DiGOS is known for high flexibility, we also offer other types of geophones on customer request. Other frequencies, number of measured axes and different cable lengths are possible too. ( click more ... )

Trillium compact-1.png
Trillium compact-2.png

Extremely simple to deploy with no mass lock and no mass centering required. The exceptionally small size significantly reduces the time and effort required for site preparation and installation. Continuous quality data are available within minutes of deployment with no requirement for further intervention. ( click more ... )

Trillium 120p.png

Trillium Model 120P is a three-component, broadband low-noise seismometer suitable for portable and fixed applications. It operates over a wide temperature range without manual recentring and has low power consumption. Its extended low frequency range, low noise, and wide dynamic range make it ideal for teleseismic studies as well as for regional and local events. At only 7.2 kg and 21 cm in diameter, the Trillium 120P is compact and portable. ( click more ... )

Episensor es-t.png

Model FBA ES-T is a triaxial surface package useful for many types of earthquake recording applications. The unit consists of three EpiSensor force balance accelerometer modules mounted orthogonally in one small convenient package. With fullscale recording ranges of ± 0.25 to ± 4g (user selectable) the EpiSensor provides on-scale recording of earthquake motions even at nearfault locations and in a wide variety of structure types. ( click more ... )

CMG 3ESPC-1.png
CMG 3ESPC-2.png

The 3ESPC’s portable design and low power consumption make it ideal for long-term and temporary installations in areas with low to moderate noise levels.

Its broadband response and low self noise level make the 3ESPC ideal for seismic monitoring at all scales local, regional and teleseismic. ( click more ... )

CMG 40T-1.png
CMG 40T-2.png

The Güralp 40T is a lightweight seismometer consisting of three sensors in a sealed, stainless steel case, which can measure the north/south, east/west and vertical components of ground motion simultaneously. ( click more ... )

  • This 3-channel sensor has a frequency of 2.0Hz, damping of 0.707 critical and sensitivity of 88V/m/s.

  • Best used for (but not limited to) measuring local earthquakes, teleseisms, and some active source. ( click more ... )

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