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The MiDAS project


Sep. 2022 Hole B borehole seismometer installation done

The four bohehole seismometers with longest cable 520m was installed at separated depth in hole B successfully. Thanks to all the support from NCU, NCKU, SINOTECH中興社, and 生易曜工程行 that make this possible. 


Jun. 2022 Arrival of hole A seismometer and winch

The five bohehole seismometers with longest cable 720m made by ASIR Seismic for hole A was arrived. Besides, the winch and sheave that will be used to install multiple borehole seismometers comes out at the same day. Thanks to all the discussion with ASIR Seismic, idea from 豐宇鑽井, machining from 銳承科技 and 川方企業 that make these tools possible. 


Jun. 2022 Arrival of hole B seismometer

The four bohehole seismometers made by ASIR Seismic for hole A was arrived and passed the inspection test since 2022/06/06. Elab team are comitted to install sensors later.


Jun. 2022 Hole B cable done

On the day right before the Dragon Boat Festival (2022/06/03), we, again cooperate with 豐宇鑽井, successfully installed cable into the hole B with depth of 500 m. The grouting was proceed right after completing cable and pipe. In the meantime, our fiber engineer 楊哲倫 was committed for his first time to splice cable between surface B and hole B. Finally, the iDAS now senses the 3D ground motion alnog Milun fault and DTS monitors the process of cement solidification of hole B in the midnight. We are grateful 萬業林睿遠 and 工研院楊雅梅 for their kind support on that night.


Apr. 2022 Connection between surface A and B

Finally, the connection between surface A and B was done since 2022/04/06. We especially thank CHT 中華電信 for kindly loaning us two fibres free for scientific researth during the project. The attenuation of laser power was identified immediately due to fiber connector, normally being used in the communicaion cable due to easy swap. Thanks to CHT these connectors were replaced by splicing soon. Besides, we aware a damaged cable due to dog bite around wellhead of hole A on 2022/04/19, and then was repaired since 2022/05/06. This causes noisy signal at that time. Afterward, the ground shaking along the cable with length of 7500m can be seen successfully since 2022/05/12. We also replace GFZ iDAS by ours on 2022/04/29.

waterfall surface A and B.png
dog bite.jpg
CHT connector.jpg

Jan. 2022 Construction of surface cable done

The deployment of surface cable around hole A and hole B was completed until 2022/01/26.  The cables are buried in the depth between 30 - 60 cm. Thanks, 欣辰通訊. Now the surface A and hole A are spliced to iDAS and are committed to sense the ground shaking. In the meantime, CHT中華電信 is trying hard to get approvment of land owner to connect cables between hole A and hole B. 

MiDAS map.png

Jan. 2022 Approvment of land usage for surface cable

The deployment of surface cable wouldn't be possible without getting the approvment of land owners. Thanks, 九河局、消防局、縣政府、國產署. 


Dec. 2021 Hole A fiber done

In the last day of 2021, we, cooperate with 豐宇鑽井, successfully install fiber cable into hole A with depth of 700m.  From now on, we continuously record strain-rate data along the hole A with spatial resolution of 4m and sampling rate of 1000 Hz. We kindly thank GFZ for loaning us Silixa iDAS and Prof. Yung-Chia Chiu from from NTOU for loaning us Silixa DTS. The appreciation also goes to 工研院for the hard working of electrical well logging on the night before the installation. Kuo-Fong Ma specially thank Wen-Yen Chang from NDHU for the negotiation to the land owner.

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