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The MiDAS project


Fiber route: link (credit by Tung, Hsin)

Data downsampling : link 

Instrument information:

      Integrator: Silixa iDAS V2     

      Sampling rate: 1000 Hz

      Spatial resolution: 4m

      Gauge length: 10m

      Total length: ~7500m

      Data capacity: 300 GB/day, 107 TB/day

Diary (last update 2023/04/19)

Drilling diary (last update 2022/08/10)

Borehole seismometer (last update 2023/04/19)

Depth* : from cable length meter

Depth** : from DAS comparison (Yen-Yu)

Mis-orientation* : by Youngman

Mis-orientation** : by Yen-Yu

2022/11/25 hole A rearrangement

1) fiber path change: hole A first and then hole A surface

2) hole A add 3 components horizontal strain

2022/10/06 iDAS moves from cargo cabinet A to cargo cabinet B

2022/09/04 Hole B container rearrangement

hole B container rearrangement (2022/09/02 - 2022/09/04)

2022/06/14 CHT repair

cable damage found in the fiber length of 2850m (CHT) due to road maintain and repair done on 2022/06/14

2022/06/08 Hole A repair

cable damage found in the fiber length of 1500m (2022/06/06) and repair done (2022/06/08).

2022/06/02 Hole B done

Right after hole B cable installation was done, the single-mode fibre was spliced to iDAS for whole cable observation and multi-mode fibre was spliced to DTS for cement monitor.

2022/05/06 Hole A surface repair

Due to a dog bite damage in the area around the hole A wellhead, we replice and replace hole A surface cable.


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